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Bramzwig – Puzzling Thing

Remember the day you heard Bo Burnham’s I’m Bo Yo on YouTube? Yeah, he had some extremely offensive wit that was meant to be funny to make you laugh, that was it. Fast-forward about four years and now we have Bramzwig, a New Yorker with love for Boston. “Being funny with the facts is the way I was taught,” just some of the lyrics you’ll hear in his latest music video, Puzzling Thing. Bramzwig has witty lyrics that will make you think, occasionally laugh, and allow you to follow his story line. “I hope to make a million dollars and be the first rapper that’s a scholar…” great message within this song. He understands the importance of an education and that doesn’t effect his flow. I say it so much about how I hate rappers that have to cuss and talk about ‘thug life’. That is not a role model. Bramzwig, he is on the right track for being a role model for the kids of today, who desperately need a positive influence in music.