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Skizzy Mars is an Alternative Rapper out of Manhattan. He has a sick flow with lyrics that match his ego. Though ego is not usually a good thing to covet; to be a Hip Hop star, you need it. Especially with the likes of Kanye West in this industry. I personally think he reminds me of Drake, but as Skizzy Mars says himself at the end of Profound, he’s the combination Dre, Kudi, and Wiz – he’s the greatest rapper of all time. Definitely a great up and coming artist, ‘of all time’, we’ll have to wait and see that. Another rap that caught my ear was, “they say that nice guys finish last, well, thank god I’m a douchebag,” haha, yes, I guess you won’t be finishing last then. Douchebag is more than just a vulgar title of a song, it’s about not apologizing for who you are. I can see Skizzy Mars becoming more of a household name amongst Hip Hop fans in the next few years, we’ll definitely being keeping an eye on him.

Skizzy Mars – Profound

Skizzy Mars – Douchebag