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City High – What Would You Do? (Bastille Cover)


bastille cover of city high

Here’s a fun throwback! Remember that City High song about the tough times during the 90′s? “What would you if your son was at home…” You sleep with a man for a little bit of money, that’s what you would do. Or you’d have to “get up off your feet and stop making tired excuses.” Either way, when I heard the Bastille cover I was instantly taken back to summer days when this song would come on over the radio.

Bastille is an up and coming musician of South London, he has a four track EP out called “Laura Palmer” that is also worth a listen. Dan Smith (Bastille) has such a unique sound, that British accent comes across nicely and the beats that accompanying this particular cover gives the original a sense of new life. Even a modern twist, not that City High necessarily needed the modification. I also enjoy the solo male take on this song, it gives it almost an empathetic feel to it.

City High – What Would You Do (Bastille Cover)

Lily Allen – Not Fair (Oblivion Remix)


All was calm and quiet on that Saturday morning, when suddenly a wild Lily Allen remix appeared. Though, with the DJ name ‘Oblivion’, one should have been able to guess the nature of the remix. But on such an innocent artist like Lily Allen (okay, not that innocent, but still!), Dubstep was certainly one of the last genres I would have expected. The remix is very subtle in its nature, it takes about a full minute for the first drop to come into play with the heavy bass to follow. With three significant drops and a few smaller drops throughout this remix, I am going to be looking at Lily Allen quite differently from here on out.

Lily Allen – Not Fair (Oblivion Remix)

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